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The VAG emergency device is designed to perform emergency starts to vehicles from the VAG group equipped with a Bosch Engine Control Unit. The tool is device to do IMMO OFF for EDC 17/16 MED 16/17 ECU types and consists of:

  • the device itself
  • the cable set to connect to the CAN H, CAN L to the power supply of the vehicles

To be able to work with the device you need to know where are CAN H and CAN L of the vehicle you are working on. We provide the cable set to allow you to connect to the CAN H and CAN L to the different vehicles. By using the cable set you can connect to the CAN Hand L of different cars from different points depending on what you are working with at the current time. You almost always will be looking for the CAN H (black and orange wire) and CAN L (brown and orange wire). The Cable set also has an OBD cable because you will need to connect the device to the cable set directly in the engine bay (or where you find the cables for the CAN connections and 12V+ power). The cable set contains :

  • OBD cables
  • Тhe positive and negative terminals which you can connect directly to the car’s battery
  • Тhe needle type clamps which can allow you to puncture a CAN cable if you need a connector which allows you to connect and through the ABS connector for some cars.
  • Toggle switches. The VAG Emergency start device performs only one function so the toggle switches do not need to be modified to use the device. Their position is not important.
  • In order to be able to work with the VAG emergency start device you need to connect the cable set to the CAN H, CAN L, power and ground of the vehicle and connect the device to the OBD connector in the cable set. When you make the connection you will hear the device beep once. After that you will see the device’s LED start to blink green in short intervals (about three times per second) and once it is done you will hear a beeping noise again (two short beeps) and when you hear this noise the LED light will go to slow blinking in green to indicate that the job is done and you will be able to start the car without a transponder at all (only using a blade).
  • Note: Please keep the key (or key blade) in the ignition during the whole operation so that you can supply power to the CAN cables.

Possible error codes:

  • Slow red blinking – the device is blinking red slowly to indicate that the car’s ECU cannot be read and it probably has tuning, digitally signed by a tuner

Supported models: IMMO III/Immo IV vehicles, Supported are all Audi/Seat/Skoda/VW cars
(except BCM2 and MQB/MLB) with Bosch ECUs (EDC16/EDC17/MED9/MED17) till 2015

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