BMW L8 device for BMW

Image of BMW L8 device for BMW

Price: 3300.00 €
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Available: Yes

This device is working for:
  • BMW 3 series E90
  • BMW 5 series E60
  • BMW X5
  • BMW 3 series E91
  • BMW 5 series E61
  • BMW X6
  • BMW 3 series E92
  • BMW 7 series E65
  • BMW X1


1. The device should be set according to the key that will be programmed.
  • if you program a transponder toggle switch 2 up
  • if you program a remote key toggle switch 4 up
  • if you program a keyless go toggle 5 up
2.Now we have to wake up the car. You can do this by turning the lights ON and OFF or by pressing the central locking button multiple times. 3. Now you can place the new key in the device antenna and plug the device in the OBD of the car. 4. Wait and in case of there is need of reflash you will see an intensive LED blinking for 10 -15 minutes. 5. Wait until the LED goes to a constant green light for more than 4-5 seconds. Move the key from the device antenna to the ignition and press the Start/ Stop button on the dashboard. At this point the cluster should be illuminated but you should not try to start the car. 6. In about 10 seconds the device will start blinking intensively. This means it is working. 7. When the LED of the device goes to a constant green light again we need to move the key from the cluster back to the antenna of the device. You will have 10 seconds. 8. In case of success the device LED pulses in green, if not - it will be red.

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