VAG CLIP UDS DEVICE (Support 2018 Dashes)

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How to learn a key?

We don’t use switchers during the procedure. The switches from 1 to 8 should be OFF, switches 9 and 10 (they are cut and should never be touched) should be ON.

  • First give ignition ON with some brand new key/transponder.
  • Connect the device to the OBDII
  • LED begins to flash green, indicating that you should connect the clip to the 24C32 or24C64 EEPROM
  • Dismount dashboard and connect clip.
  • After the clip is connected the LED becomes constantly red for the duration of the EEPROM read/write operation. For 24C32 this duration is about 1sec, for 24C64 is about 3,5-4sec


After the LED becomes red do not disconnect the clip while the LED is RED. If the EEPROM is 24C64 this can damage the car.

  • After the EEPROM operation is finished, the LED becomes constantly green. This means you’ve to connect the dashboard to the car
  • When the dashboard is connect, the device will start working and LED is blinking intensive.
  • After several seconds (3-4 for 24C32 and 18-20 for 24C64) the device should be ready indicating this with slowly flashing green LED.


Before you start working on some car, it is recommended to read the dashboard EEPROM first with a programmer in order to be able to restore the car.


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