Professional Decoder HU92 for BMW E series

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Supports all E series till 2014

BMW E60/ E61 /E 63 /E64/ E65/ E70/ E71/ E87/ E90/ E91/ E92/ E93

The decoder is appropriate for Scania, Land Rover, MINI Cooper and Rolls Royce as well

  • Decoder HU92 is developed in a new technology and its previous problems are now fixed – the new Professional decoder HU92 is easier to reset, with strong unbreakable pins, and parts that are resistant to the tension required to open the locks in the fastest way possible.
  • We test every tool for possible manufacturing mistakes. The quality you get is guaranteed and the maintenance period is one year – We will repair your tool, free of charge. If your tool cannot be repaired we will review your options with you. (Please contact us at for additional information on the warranty conditions)
  • We deliver safe and FREE with DHL Express all over the world, so you can track where your product is.


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