Professional Mini Decoder HU101 Rover Ford Volvo Jaguar

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We give you Professional Mini Decoder HU101. Mini decoder gives maximum control to the operator. Fitting, no matter day or night. Mini decoder for minimal mistakes in the opening procedure.  With Mini by Dimitar Ivaylov unlocking is easy peasy


– Fiesta (2008 onwards)
– Focus (2004 onwards)
– Focus C Max (2003 onwards)
– Galaxy (from 2006)
– KUGA (2008 onwards)
– Mondeo (2007 onwards)
– S max (2006 onwards)
– Transit (2015 onwards)

Land Rover
– Discovery (2006 onwards)
– Range Rover (2005 onwards)

– XK (X150) emergency key (2006 onwards)
– Most models after 2007

– S40 (from 2004)
V50 (from 2004)

Ford USA
– Fiesta (2010 onwards)

Ford Australia
– Falcon FG (2008 onwards)
– Falcon BF (2005 to 2008)
– Focus (2005 onwards)
– Territory (2005 onwards)

Ford Suda Afrika
– Mondeo (2007 onwards)

HU101 is one of the most difficult locks in terms of unlocking and decoding. It can be found on Ford, Rover, Volvo and Jaguar. It has 10 spaces and 5 depths. Depth 5 is the deepest cut and depth 1 is the shallowest cut.

When key is absent, decoder Mini allows the operator to open and decode automotive locks without the need for extensive technical training and / or the use of complex locksmith techniques or kits that would delay the opening process, or would lead to additional technical difficulties such as destroying the lock, door, window, or other part of the vehicle itself

One of the great advantages of the tool is that the lead channels clearly indicate the position of the wafers, which prevents the operator from making an error; hence the tool is easy to master and the time required for unlocking is reduced to minimum.

The main feature of the tool is the bearing relationship between the tip of the guide arm and the feeler – thanks to it, the feeler and its thickened part, the tool has the ability to reach a sufficient depth and turn of the wafers inside the lock’s core, as with other similar tools, this is impossible.

Another major advantage is the code reader that moves along with the guide arm, but opposite to the feeler. The tip of the reader pointing to the code plate helps the operator determine the depth of each wafer, and the tail of the reader pointing to the axle platform and the scale located there, helps the operator determine the position of the wafers, which facilitates the task of creating a duplicate key.





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