Stand alone device for Opel Insignia / Astra J / Chevrolet Cruze

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KEY LEARNING DEVICE – Opel Astra J, Insignia and Chevrolet Cruze

To set the number of keys that you want to program use  switch 1 and switch 2. The positions are:

  • 1 key – Switch 1 – OFF, Switch 2 – OFF
  • 2 keys – Switch 1 – ON, Switch 2 – OFF
  • 3 keys – Switch 1 – OFF, Switch 2 – ON
  • 4 keys – Switch 1 – ON, Switch 2 – ON
  1. First turn ignition ON than select number of keys to program by using the switches and plug device in the OBD2 connector. The led will light in green for 6 seconds, then it will start blinking in red and green. This will continue around 10-12 minutes until the key learning mode is enabled.
  2. When this period elapsed the led will switch off and buzzer will beep.
  3.  Turn ignition OFF and remove the key. Open and close driver’s door (you have15 seconds to do that). Avoid turning on or operate any accessories (radio, headlights, etc).
  4.  Wait until the led light in green (the buzzer will beep), then turn ignition ON with new Transponder Key, which shall be learned. While programming the led will blink in red and green.
  5. When the key is programmed, if you have another key to program the led will switch off and you need to repeat the procedure at point 3.
  6. When all keys are programmed the led will start blinking in green and buzzer will beep two times. If an error was encountered the programming will be aborted, the buzzer will beep three times and the led will start to blink in red.



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