Key Device for Ford and Mazda

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How to use the device?

Insert the device into the OBDII port.
-The LED flashes quickly – it will start identifying the car and enabling a service ignition (KL15).

-After about 15 seconds the LED will light up in continuously green color, and the buzzer sounds constantly prompting to press the START button, then the pedal and the START button again.

-The dashboard must then light up – the car is in a service ignition ON position.

-The KEY icon is flashing on the dashboard because there is no working key in the car.

-The LED of the device turns off and the buzzer sound stops.

-The key programming session starts.
*The calculation time takes up to 7-8 minutes.

-At the end the car makes two short horn beeps. *This indicates that the car is now ready to add a key.

-The device waits for the key to be programmed indicating this with slowly flashing green LED.

-Touch the START button with the key logo facing the START button (without pressing it) and press the left pedal (for left-hand drive cars).

*For right-handed cars – you could press both pedals (manual transmission).

-The buzzer sound stops and emits as many sounds as keys are programmed in the car – in most cases 3.

-The LED turns off.

-Start the engine by pressing the START button with the key. Only once.

*This action enables the Keyless system to work.
*The new key now starts the car as a smart key without touching the START button.

-Remove the device from the OBDII.


The device is dedicated to the latest generation Ford and Mazda cars such as:

  • Mazda 2 – 2014 +
  • Mazda 3 – 2012+
  • Mazda 6 – 2013+
  • Mazda CX3 – 2014+
  • Mazda CX5 – KE 2012
  • KF 2016
  • Mazda CX9 – 2015 +
  • Ford Focus 2 – 2004+
  • Ford Focus 3 – 2011+
  • Ford Mondeo 4 – 2007+
  • Mondeo 5- 2011+
  • Mondeo 6 – 2013+ except HU5T-14C184-AAN
  • Kuga all
  • Transit Courier
  • Transit connect
  • Ford fiesta 2013 – non-keyless keys only
  • Ford EcoSport 2012+ – non-keyless keys only
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Key Device for Ford and Mazda
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