Gerda Decoder for Tytan ZX locks

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The mechanism of Gerda Tytan ZX is with four levels and 4 pins at each level these provides the “impossible” 4 000 000 000 combination lock with tolerance of 0,02mm. The security class is 7 level with no damage – it is resistant to picking, electro picking, bumping, very difficult to drill trough. Locking bolts are extending part of the entire lock body. They are fortified at the corp and make it virtually impossible for forced entry. The models of Gerda ZX series became common lock in England, Poland, Romania, Bulgaria, Russia and other.

With our Gerda Decoder for Tytan ZX locks: Gerda Tytan ZX, Gerda Tytan Z2, Gerda Tytan ZXZ, Gerda Tytan ZK, Gerda ZE1, Gerda ZE2 this manipulation is not a problem anymore.

The procedure is described in our news section and soon the video will be available!

The tool kit includes:

  • 4 keys for the rows
  • 1 view finder
  • 1 ring
  • 1 pincette
  • 1 torch
  • 1 handle
  • 1 tension
  • 1 key
  • 1 anti-picking key
  • 3 boxes with set of pins types: 1, x, 4

This instrument is very effective but special locksmith technics are needed to be able to work with it. The opening procedure takes 15-20 minutes. Soon we will upload and a video with tutorial but we strongly recommend to see our training courses in order to be able to use the instruments.

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