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This is the new patent holding innovation called EASY TOOL IVAYLOV HU64.

In absolute every situation where the key is missing, Easy Tool Ivaylov HU64 makes it possible to unlock & decode one of the most complicated, HU64 locks. This professional locksmith tool is intended to be used on Mercedes Benz doors, their ignitions and trunks.

For more details on the product, please see the description below!


Description of Easy Tool Ivaylov HU64


HU64 lock types are one of the most difficult locks. The one and only professional solution to open locked HU64 locks quickly is our mechanical tool called ’’Easy Tool Ivaylov HU64’’. This professional locksmith tool is constructed with 10 spaces and 5 depths. It works on all wafers simultaneously and ensures therefore a fast and non-destructive opening process of all types of HU64 locks.


Easy Tool Ivaylov HU64 is suitable for:



    • All models with 2 tracks, including boots and sunken handles
    • A-Class
    • C-Class – from 1999 onwards
    • CL-Class- from 1995 to 1999
    • CLK-Class- from 2002 onwards
    • E-Class- from 1997 onwards
    • G-Class
    • M-Class
    • S-Class -from 1995 onwards
    • SL- Class- from 1995 onwards
    • SLK-Class -from 1997 onwards




    • Crafter- from 2006 onwards




    • Crossfire- from 2003 to 2008




    • Sprinter- from 2007 to 2011


All about the unlocking process:


The general unlocking process is easy and quick. To ensure a smooth operation and the desired result there are four steps which need to be followed by the operator.

But before doing so, one needs to be familiar with the structure of the Easy Tool Ivaylov HU64:

Easy Tool Ivaylov HU64 is constructed with two main parts: The passkey (being on top of the Easy Tool Ivaylov HU64) with its 10 pins, and the bottom part consisting of three parts being 1. Tension wheel, 2. Gate and 3. BACK wheel (listed in their hierarchical order from top to bottom).

As the name ‘’Tension wheel’’ suggests, the tension of the operator is during the unlocking process of highest importance. Here, the operator needs to find a ‘’middle tension’’ during the opening process since a weak tension would not lead to an unlocking of the HU64 lock while a strong tension would only break or deform the tool. Also, the BACK wheel has 1 stop point (visualized on the gate) on which one should pay attention during the unlocking process.

The only thing one needs to do is to follow precisely four easy steps:


1. First step- Reset the Easy Tool Ivaylov HU64:


Before starting the main unlocking process, there is one preparational step left: The resetting of the Easy Tool Ivaylov HU64 or more precise the resetting of the pins on the tool!

For this step turn the BACK wheel all the way to the right and push the gate towards the tension wheel to close the gate. Then take the reset tool and push it down against each of the 10 holes of the Easy Tool Ivaylov HU64 which you can find on the upper part of the tool (the passkey). This procedure serves to reset the 10 pins. If all pins are aligned, the Easy Tool Ivaylov HU64 is ready for the second step!


2. Second step- Inserting Easy Tool Ivaylov HU64 into the lock:


For the second step one needs to push the gate towards the tension wheel to close the gate. Then the BACK wheel needs to be turned all the way to the right and lastly the Easy Tool Ivaylov HU64 needs to be inserted into the given lock. Make sure that during the whole inserting procedure, the gate is fully closed! Once the Easy Tool Ivaylov HU64 is in the lock, open the gate again by pushing it away from the tension wheel to lock it.


3. Third step- Gate on the right or wrong side?


For a smooth unlocking operation, it is very important to have inserted the Easy Tool Ivaylov HU64 correctly. Therefore, to ensure the correct side, insert the Easy Tool Ivaylov HU64 inside the HU64 lock and push the BACK wheel.

If the Gate pops out while pushing the BACK wheel, your Easy Tool Ivaylov HU64 has been inserted incorrectly. In the case that the Gate has not popped out, you can continue with the fourth step, the main unlocking process.

If the gate neither pops out from the one side nor pops out from the other side, continue with the same procedure as with the locks SIP 22 and HU 83.

4. Fourth step- the unlocking process:


On this stage you have already completed all preparational steps and the Easy Tool Ivaylov HU64 is ready for the main unlocking procedure.

Therefore, the first step is to turn the tension wheel all the way to the left and to keep holding it there. While doing so, turn the BACK wheel to the left until the stop point is reached. Having reached the stop point, jiggle it a little bit before turning the BACK wheel into its original position (move it to the right). The following step is then to turn and hold the tension wheel to the right, while turning the BACK wheel to the left until the stop point is reached. If the stop point is reached, jiggle it again a little bit before turning it once again into its original position.

This procedure should be repeated 5 to 20 times.

Looking for a more visualized way of the unlocking procedure? Then see below our full explanatory video!



What is in for you?


  • Quick unlocking and decoding process
  • Simple handling
  • Professionally unlocking and decoding HU64 locks
  • No damages


Shipment information of the product


The company Ivaylov ensures their customers the fastest and safest delivery process thanks to their cooperation with   !

After the successful completion of our customer’s desired order, the shipment duration takes about 1-4 days.

For additional information please contact info@ivaylov.com .


Why Ivaylov?


We are Ivaylov- the locksmith company who meets customers’ needs!

The company ’’Ivaylov’’ stands for its high product quality, its safe product shipments but most importantly for its reliability! Our highest goal is to produce unique locksmith tools for our clients which facilitate a quick and safe operational process!

Therefore, we test every tool for possible manufacturing mistakes. Additionally, all tools produced at our company carry a one year warranty. In cases of unintended small defects on our products, the company will repair them immediately- without any additional costs! If the tool seems to be unrepairable, compensation possibilities will be discussed with the customer. With this method we can guarantee happy customers receiving only good quality products.

Because only if we have fully satisfied our loyal customers, we have done our jobs right!

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