BMW Pandora Code grabber

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The device cover models from the table:

BrandModelYearPandora BMW frequencyPandora BMW USA frequency
BMW3 series E902004-2009868 MHz315 MHz
BMW3 series E912005-2012868 MHz315 MHz
BMW3 series E922006-2013868 MHz315 MHz
BMW3 series E932007-2013868 MHz315 MHz
BMW5 series E60 2003-20102003-2010868 MHz315 MHz
BMW5 series E61 2004-20102004-2010868 MHz315 MHz
BMW6 series E632004-2010868 MHz315 MHz
BMW6 series E642005-2010868 MHz315 MHz
BMW7 series E65 868 MHz315 MHz
BMW7 series E66 868 MHz315 MHz
BMWX1 E84 2009-20152009-2015868 MHz315 MHz
BMWX5 E70 2007-20132007-2013868 MHz315 MHz
BMWX6 E71 2008-20142008-2014868 MHz315 MHz
BMWZ4 E89 2009-20162009-2016868 MHz315 MHz
BMWM1 E822011-2012868 MHz315 MHz
MiniR562007-2013868 MHz315 MHz
MiniClubman R552007-2014868 MHz315 MHz
MiniCountryman R602010-2016868 MHz315 MHz
Rolls RoycePhantom 2003-20162003-2016868 MHz315 MHz
Rolls RoycePhantom Drophead 2007-20162007-2016868 MHz315 MHz



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