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Here is the professional locksmith kit for all Abloy Protec locks called ABLOY PROTEC DECODER.

This is a professional kit with several of efficient and necessary tools enabling every locksmith to unlock and decode one of the most difficult Abloy Protec locks!

Only with the help of Abloy Protec Decoder it is possible to unlock and decode every Abloy Protect model as it is applicable on all protec unique key profiles.

For more details on the Abloy Protec Decoder kit, please see the description below!



Description of Abloy Protec Decoder


The Abloy Protec locks are as the name suggests very protective locks. Its very secure closure can be explained with its high-security construction:

The Abloy Protec lock system contains 11 discs and is based on the rotating principle. Consequently, there are around 1.97 billion possible combinations of Abloy Protec locks making the decoding and unlocking of Abloy Protec locks very complex. Further, the Abloy Protec’s cylinder meets a very high standard of quality and gives thanks to its unique disk technology a very high protection to unauthorized entry! Therefore, whenever there is an attempt to manipulate the lock, the movable elements block the 11 discs. Additionally, in the event of a manipulation, the included DBSTM Security system guarantees an immediate locking of the discs as one solid system preventing unauthorized unlocking procedures of the Abloy Protec lock!

However, Ivaylov’s team has set themselves the task to make the decoding and unlocking procedure of the very complex Abloy Protec lock systems possible! Therefore, the Abloy Protec Decoder is a sensational kit with numerous of helpful locksmith tools allowing the operator not only to unlock and decode every Abloy Protect lock model but also to open those locks in only 10-15 minutes without any damage!

To ensure a sustainable and secure operation, Ivaylov’s team recommends every professional or non-professional in the business of locksmiths to take advantage of a special training before the usage of the tool. Otherwise, the company Ivaylov offers their clients a free step-by-step video instruction with the delivery of the Abloy Protec Decoder!



Abloy Protec Decoder kit includes:

  • Code readers – 7 readers with ergonomic aluminium handles
  • Code reader guide
  • Set up key
  • Pins – all dimensions to make a working key
  • Code chart
  • Transport box


What is in for you?


  • Professionally unlocking and decoding the very complex Abloy Protec locks
  • Quick unlocking and decoding process
  • Simple handling with a free step-by-step video instruction
  • No damages



Shipment information of the product


The company Ivaylov ensures their customers the fastest and safest delivery process thanks to their cooperation with   !

After the successful completion of our customer’s desired order, the delivery time can take up to 4 weeks.

For additional information please contact info@ivaylov.com .


Why Ivaylov?


We are Ivaylov- the locksmith company who meets customers’ needs!

The company ’’Ivaylov’’ stands for its high product quality, its safe product shipments but most importantly for its reliability! Our highest goal is to produce unique locksmith tools for our clients which facilitate a quick and safe operational process!

Therefore, we test every tool for possible manufacturing mistakes. Additionally, all tools produced at our company carry a one year warranty. In cases of unintended small defects on our products, the company will repair them immediately- without any additional costs! If the tool seems to be unrepairable, compensation possibilities will be discussed with the customer. With this method we can guarantee happy customers receiving only good quality products.

Because only if we have fully satisfied our loyal customers, we have done our jobs right!

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