Professional decoder HU101

HU101 is one of the most difficult locks in terms of unlocking and decoding. It can be found on Ford, Rover, Volvo and Jaguar. It has 10 spaces and 5 depths. Depth 5 is the deepest cut and depth 1 is the shallowest cut.

When key is absent, the device allows the operator to open and decode with high speed lock type HU101, without the need for technical training and / or the use of complex locksmith techniques or kits, which would delay the process of opening and  that would lead to additional technical difficulties, such as destroying the lock, the door, the window or other part of the car itself. After opening the lock, our Professional decoder can decode the lock type HU101. The greatest advantage of professional decoder made by Dimitar Ivaylov is that it can identify and it can “adjust” to the different height of each of the 10 spaces completely. This facilitates the production of a duplicate key with a very high degree of precision, which is almost impossible in the absence of the original key or with another method of car emergency opening.

We are proud to present our new Project that has finally became a reality – Professional decoder HU101 made by Dimitar Ivaylov.

The reason to show the original sketches of the tool is because we want to give our clients the idea of how one of the most difficult locks can be unlocked and decoded.

Unlike our competitors, we do invent our products- from sketch to a real product

New technology. New possibilities. New decoder.

Professional decoder Made by Dimitar Ivaylov

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