Naftali and Nisim visit Ivaylov team

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We want to share a story. Story about our friends from Israel. They come to visit us and learn a new things. In the begging was like that:

Naftali said: Oh, Dimitar, it takes me too long to open with professional mini decoders!

Dimitar said: Oh, you know nothing Naftali and Nisim!

A few hours later was like that:

Naftali said: It’s great! I’m very fast in opening with professional mini decoder!

Dimitar said: Now, you know everything Naftali and Nisim. You are Masters! Use your skills wisely!

I create this funny story specially for our friends from Israel because they have a great sense of humour and they really visit us and learned a lot of new things (also and for mini) but we also learned a lot from them. We spent a great time together working and having fun.

Waiting to see you soon guys!

Ivaylov team!

Naftali and Dimitar

Naftali and Dimitar

Naftali, Dimitar and Mihail

Naftali, Dimitar and Mihail

Ivaylov team and Naftali team

Ivaylov team and Naftali team

Naftali, Mihail and Nisim

Naftali, Mihail and Nisim

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