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Gerda Opening and Decoding Tool

When we choose locks for our homes the most important thing for us is to be secure. As we all know one of this high security locks are Gerda Titan ZX. The mechanism is with four levels with 4 pins at each level these provides the “impossible” 4 000 000 000 combination lock with tolerance of 0,02mm. The security class is 7 level with no damage – it is resistant to picking, electro picking, bumping, very difficult to drill trough. Locking bolts are extended part of the entire lock body. They are fortified at the corp and make it virtually impossible for forced entry.

That is great lock when we are thinking about security. But once we are outside the lock without a key it is a problem. Then the client is calling to you to decide the problem, and the problem must be solved without damage of the lock!

Don’t worry we have a decision! With our Gerda Decoder locks models Gerda Titan ZX, Gerda Titan Z2, Gerda Titan ZXZ, Gerda Titan ZK, Gerda ZE1 and Gerda ZE2 this manipulation is not a problem!

What we need to know about the pins?

As we already know we have 4depths at each level. The first depth is with white pin, the second and the third pins are similar by shape and color, the forth depth is the same yellow color but in different shape. In our tool we use 3 type of pins. The box with 1 is for the first depth, the box with “X” is for the second and third depth and the box with 4 is for the forth depth.

Opening procedure Stage 1

In our everyday use of the lock the pins become deformed. That’s why we rely on the white color of the first depth and we define it. We take the view finder and put it into the lock then we take the torch and start working on row one. The pins of the level we can mark with A, B, C, D. On the picture you can see where they are:

positions gerda

We need and a table:

gerda table

We are sure that by the white color we can define first depth and mark on the table where and if there is a first depth on this row. After that we go to the second row, the third and to the forth. For the forth row we don’t need a view finder.

Opening procedure Stage 2

When we are ready with defining the 1depth in the levels we took the anti-picking key and pins type 1 and type “X” and start to arrange the key. After it is arranged we took and the tension tool. Put the tension into the lock the same we do and with the anti-picking key. We need to be careful – the position of the depths (A, B, C, D) of the locks, on the tension tool and on the anti-picking key have to corresponds. We give tension and turn the key to get in anti-picking. Once we are in anti-picking we turn the key and take it off.

Opening procedure Stage 3

Now we start to work with the keys for the rows. Take the key for the first row. And put it into the lock. Now we can start checking the positions. Where we have first depth the key moves freely, where we have depth 4 from the anti-picking position the key should go freely, too. The position where we can’t move it is depth 2 or 3 and we use pins type “X”. We continue with filling the table row by row.

Opening procedure Stage 4

When we are ready with the table. We release the tension tool. When we get out of anti-picking we will hear click. Then we take tool for assembling the key and start to assemble it using the table and the pins. Once we are ready we can unlock the lock and to make a new key.

That’s it! We are ready to unlock with no damage on the lock!

Gerda Decoder for Titan ZX locks is very effective but special locksmith technics are needed to be able to work with it. We strongly recommend to see our training courses in order to be able to use the instrument.

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Gerda Opening and Decoding Tool
Article Name
Gerda Opening and Decoding Tool
Don’t worry we have a decision! With our Gerda Decoder for Tytan ZX locks: GerdaTytan ZX, Gerda Tytan Z2, Gerda Tytan ZXZ, Gerda Tytan ZK, Gerda ZE1, Gerda ZE2 this manipulation is not a problem anymore
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