VAG Bypass Device new

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How to activate the bypass function?

To activate the bypass functionality Switch number 8 of the device should be set to ON in this way the device will perform a bypass of the immobilizer otherwise it will enable the immobilizer.
DIP switches 6 and 7 in this mode are applicable as well. The functionality of these
switches is the following:

SW6 SW7 Function

OFF OFF – Device will work in automatic mode
OFF ON – Device will try a direct connection with EDC16 Engine control unit.
ON ON – Device will try a direct connection with EDC15 Engine control unit.
ON OFF – Device will try a direct connection with ME7x Engine control unit.

The procedure for using the device in this mode is the following:

1. Depending on your needs, adjust the switches. If the type of the engine control unit is
unknown for you it would be better to set SW6 and SW7 to OFF – in this way the device will
try different Engine control unit types.
2. Turn ignition of the vehicle to ON
3. Put the device in the OBDII socket and wait until the green and yellow LEDs start blinking
4. Remove the device from the OBDII socket. Turn ignition OFF for 3 sec.


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