Toyota / Lexus Pro Smart v 3.1 2015 – 2018 MY

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What this device do?

ProSmart v3.1 is designed for emergency start of the car and programming the keys in case of key loss.

ProSmart 3.1 works with SmartKey system that uses new generation SmartEcu. Access to the contents of SmartEcu memory in such systems is impossible. These systems are used in cars 2015-2018. The models that refers to are:

  • Lexus GX
  • Lexus IS
  • Lexus LS
  • Lexus LX
  • Lexus NX
  • Lexus RX
  • Toyota Alphard
  • Toyota Camry
  • Toyota CHR
  • Toyota Highlander
  • Toyota Land Cruiser
  • Toyota Land Cruiser Prado
  • Toyota RAV4
  • Smart keys with ID 88, A8, A9 are used in systems with SmartECU of the new generation.

Important!!! ProSmart v3.1 performs emergency start car and key programming using another SmartECU ( new or used ECU with a key binded to this unit ). 

ProSmart v3.1 is special OBD adapter with the needle-probe for connection via LIN bus of the vehicle.

How it works?

Emergency start of the car and programming of the smart-keys

  • ResetImmo – resetting the vehicle immobilizer ECU (in this version, this process is automatic, without any additional actions)
  • SmartAdaptation – binding another Smart ECU (new or used ECU with the key binded to the unit)
  • AddKey – binding additional smart key (if necessary)

ResetImmo procedure + SmartAdaptation

  1. Unplug all connectors from Smart ECU !!!
  2. Connect ProSmart 3.1 to SmartECU using blue needle probe. You can connect it to the steering lock ECU connector as well, but without unlinking this plug;
  3. Plug connectors to another SmartECU (new or used ECU with a key binded to this unit);
  4. Set OBD adapter switch to position #1;
  5. Turn the ignition off;
  6. Insert the OBD adapter into the OBD connector;
  7. After connecting the sound beep once. LED blinks green quickly;
  8. Bring smart-key to “START” button. A beep will sound (a single signal for the used ECU, and a double beep for the new ECU). The LED will turn green and then flash periodically;
  9. Remove smart-key from “START” button;
  10. Wait OBD adapter emits three beeps. Disconnect ProSmart from OBD connector;
  11. The SmartECU binding is complete. You can start your car.


List of possible LED signals
LED Signals State of the procedure
Single flashing (green color) The connection is established
Single flashing (red color) Incorrect connection or LIN bus is damaged
Fast flashing of the LED (green color) Procedure of reset is in progress
Double flashing of the LED (green color) Reset of Immo ECU is complete
The LED constantly turns red Error during the reset procedure

How to AddKey?

    1. Set the switch of the OBD adapter to position #2;
    2. Turn the ignition off;
    3. Insert the OBD adapter into the OBD connector. After connecting the adapter emits double beep.The immobilizer lamp on the dashboard will stop flashing and go out;
    4. Within 30 seconds, bring the binded smart key to the START button. You will hear One beep and smart-key LED will light up;
    5. Remove the smart-key from the car;
    6. Within 30 seconds, bring additional smart key to the START button;
    7. After a single beep, remove smart-key from START button;
    8. If the second single beep sounded, it means that the additional key is binded successfully. After that, you need to remove the smart key from the vehicle.

Note!If the second audio signal does not sound, this means the smart key is not registered.

The key may not be registered for the following reasons:

    • Type of smart key does not match the type of key used in the vehicle. In this case, you must use the appropriate smart-key;
    • Smart key is locked (the key is binded to another car). You need to unlock this key using a special programmer, or use a new smart key.
  1. To continue registering smart keys, you need to repeat steps 6-8.
  2. After you finish the binding of the last smart key, you need to wait OBD adapter emits three beeps. Disconnect the adapter from the OBD connector.

AddKey procedure is complete. After completion of the procedure the immobiliser lamp starts flashing on the dashboard.

  • In version 3.1, the process of ECU reset is automatic, without any additional actions.
  • After reset of Immo ECU occurs SmartAdaptation procedure. This procedure is a binding of the new or used SmartECU to the car.

Attention !!! The binding to used ECU is possible only if you have binded smart-key to this block! ProSmart 3.1 works with SmartKey system that uses new generation SmartEcu (* See SKU numbers of Smart ECU units). When performing SmartAdaptation, the smart key is automatically binded to the car.

* SKU numbers of SmartECU new generation (2017-2018)

Model Petrol (Gasoline) Diesel Hybrid
Lexus ES 89990-33412 (2018)
89990-33411 (2017)
Lexus GS 89990-30441
Lexus IS 89990-53381
Lexus LS 500 899H0-50010 899H0-50020
Lexux LX 570 89990-60291 (till 07/2017)
(since 08/2017)
Lexus NX 89990-78080 89990-78100
Lexus RX (since 2015-18) 89990-48430
(since 2017-18) 89990-48431
(since 2015-18) 89990-48450
(since 2017-18) 89990-48451
Toyota Camry 89990-33400
Toyota CH-R 89990-F4010 89990-F4050
Toyota Hilux 89990-0K081
Toyota Highlander 89990-0E081 89990-0E150
Toyota LC 200 89990-60471 89990-60280
Toyota Prado 89990–60196 89990-60205
Toyota RAV4 89990-42112 89990-42112 89990-42091


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